Neurology Appointment

I had my follow-up appointment with my neurologist today. Due to having less staffing than normal, I didn’t complete my usual neuropsychological tests. I received a neurological exam, as well as a timed, 25-foot walk.

My neurologist and I discussed several major issues today. First, we talked about my moderately severe post-injection reactions to Copaxone. My neurologist wants me to consider trying Aubagio, an immunosuppressant medication.

I would need to complete baseline testing before starting Aubagio, as well as complete monthly bloodwork for the first six months of taking this medication. Since Aubagio is an oral medication, I’d eliminate the possibility of experiencing injection site reactions.

However, there are some potentially serious, albeit relatively rare, side effects associated with Aubagio. I’ll need to seriously think about the potential risks versus benefits of initiating Aubagio.

Second, we reviewed my recent MRI and MRA exams. Thankfully, my MRI results indicated that I have not developed any new MS lesions, nor are my lesions currently active. My MRA revealed that my cerebral aneurysm is stable.

My neurologist and I next discussed the impact of my persistent fatigue. I informed her that my MS fatigue has recently become much more severe. As a result, she’s willing to increase my Amantadine dose, from 200 mg. qd., to 300 mg. qd.

Third, we discussed how well I’m sleeping. I told my neurologist that I consistently wake up feeling very exhausted. To rule out other possibilities for my severe fatigue, my neurologist wants me to complete a sleep evaluation.

This will be the third time that I’m completing a sleep study. I completed previous sleep studies in 2004 and 2014.

My initial sleep study revealed that I have periodic limb movement disorder. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to tolerate the medication that I had been prescribed. Interestingly enough, my second sleep study didn’t indicate that I have periodic limb movement disorder.

I’m very thankful to have a competent, compassionate neurologist. She is consistently thorough in reviewing my presenting concerns, as well as potential treatment options.

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