Low Back Pain

I’m on the ride back home, after finishing my neurology appointment. I’ve started to have moderately severe low back pain. This pain only happens intermittently, thankfully.

I strongly suspect that this back discomfort is related to the endometrial polyp for which I’m soon scheduled to have surgery. Next week, I’m scheduled for my pre-surgical appointment with my gynecologist.

My gynecologist’s office recently phoned me, and informed me that they have not been able to obtain Medicare authorization for my upcoming surgery. They suggested that I phone Medicare directly, in an attempt to resolve this issue.

I can’t wait to find some relief from this intermittent low back pain. It’s just one of many current health issues with which I am currently dealing.

Unlike my other chronic illnesses, I suspect to soon have significant relief, on a long-term basis, for my lower back pain. This is learned optimism.

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