Off to a Slow Start

I’m off to a very slow start at the new nursing home where I’ll be providing psychological services. There has been a lot of confusion, with respect to the process for obtaining resident’s informed consent.

I spent four hours reviewing residents’ medical records this morning. I needed to obtain information about their pre-existing diagnoses, their psychosocial histories, and their current medications.

While attempting to document the above information, I was repeatedly approached by a couple of residents, while sitting at the nurse’s station. They were both very cognitively impaired.

A male resident repeatedly asked me where I had grown up. He also kept staring at me. Another female resident insisted upon removing paperwork from the nurse’s station, including notes that I had written. I have absolutely no idea what she did with my paperwork.

Being at this nursing home required me to get up earlier than usual. Consequently, I slipped into the restroom to take my dose of Amantadine.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing my neurologist this Thursday, to discuss available treatment options for my MS fatigue. I hope that she’ll agree to a trial of increasing my Amantadine dosage.

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