Struggling to Just Get By

Today, as is the case for most every day of my entire life, I have struggled with intense fatigue. This fatigue is powerfully disruptive to completion of my goals, on a long-term basis.

I ended up deciding to go back to the new nursing home facility next week, since referral information was not yet in place for me to meet with any residents for completion of initial psychological evaluations. I’ve been very busy calling, as well as e-mailing, appropriate personnel in order to complete this preparation for my new position.

This afternoon, I had the best of intentions to catch up on important tasks, including completion of revised treatment plans. Nevertheless, my fatigue has been totally incapacitating.

I decided to take a nap this afternoon. I wish that I could say that it was restorative. However, I woke up feeling just as exhausted.

I find my pervasive fatigue to be totally disabling. It’s very discouraging to feel this way. Even though I have been dealing with chronic fatigue for an extensive period of time, it never gets any easier.

Due to my persistent fatigue, I typically end up struggling to just get by, day after day. I’m definitely going to discuss the severity of my fatigue with my neurologist, when I see her next week.

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