Crushing Fatigue and Concentration

Today, I’ve been experiencing significant MS-related fatigue. This is always my single most debilitating symptom of chronic illness, without question.

MS fatigue is completely all-encompassing. It leaves me feeling totally overwhelmed by the mere thought of simply taking a shower, let alone getting dressed and ready to go somewhere.

Of course, I typically feel both frustrated and discouraged by my increased MS fatigue. I try to short-circuit having my emotional reaction to increased fatigue heighten my degree of fatigue itself, thereby avoiding a vicious downward spiral. This is, of course, much easier said than done.

One of the most challenging aspects of increased MS fatigue is that it powerfully disrupts my ability to focus. Increased fatigue doesn’t ordinarily impact my capacity to focus upon completion of routine tasks.

However, increased MS fatigue does exert a negative impact on tasks that require a greater degree of concentration, such as those that are novel and/or relatively more challenging.

Whenever possible, I remind myself that attempting to complete more demanding tasks is better left for those periods when I’m experiencing relatively less severe fatigue.

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