Additional Copaxone Reactions

This morning, I took a chance on self-injecting Copaxone again. Although I didn’t experience an immediate post-injection reaction, I definitely had another one.

The familiar intense facial flushing returned, along with very uncomfortable chest pain and tightness. Thankfully, I wasn’t alone this time that my reaction took place.

I later spoke with a nurse specialist about my multiple post-injection reactions. She informed me that changes in my weight could be the reason why I developed a post-injection reaction, despite my extensive history of having successfully injected this same medication for many years.

This same nurse consequently relayed my information to my neurologist’s office. My neurologist’s office called me back right away, leaving a message that my neurologist wants to see me in the next couple of weeks.

I’m very concerned about this situation. I really need to continue to take some form of disease-modifying medication, in order to decrease the overall severity of my MS. To date, I’ve had three consecutive, serious post-injection reactions to Copaxone.

1 thought on “Additional Copaxone Reactions”

  1. Another friend of mine with MS is receiving infusions at Dent on Sheridan Dr. in Buffalo. She can get them every 6 months, and they make a huge difference for her. She has suffered with MS for years before it was accurately diagnosed. Hopefully your neurologist will be able to find a better treatment for you than the one you’re receiving now.


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