Possibility of Losing Disability Benefits

In 2016, I was awarded full social security disability benefits. I had originally applied in 2014, but I was initally denied.

Since that time, I’ve returned to working, on a part-time basis. I know that there are very strict restrictions regarding the amount of income that I am allowed to earn, and still retain my disability benefits.

During the past year, I’ve taught two separate psychology courses. I taught one class at a nearby university, and one at a satellite campus for a local community college.

Since October 2018, I’ve also been providing psychological assessment and intervention services at a nearby nursing home. More recently, I’ve been offered the opportunity to provide the same types of psychological services at an assisted living facility, as well as at another nursing home.

While I enjoy the security of having a monthly disability income, it’s painfully obvious that it isn’t nearly adequate for meeting my needs. Quite frankly, the amount that I currently receive each month is approximately one-tenth of my earning capacity, based upon both my education and my work experience.

I’m currently looking into other options available for providing my health insurance, given my multiple chronic health issues. I know that this is critically important to address.

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