CHE Meeting with Buffalo-Area Clinicians

I just returned home from a very interesting work meeting. It was held to allow Buffalo-area clinicians to meet with one another.

All of us met at a very nice Italian restaurant, in downtown Buffalo. I happened to be seated between two very interesting, friendly women.

On my left, I met a clinical psychologist who happens to live very close to where I recently moved. To my right, I met a social worker who previously worked at the Cleveland Clinic for many years.

I struck up a conversation with the woman who previously worked at the Cleveland Clinic. In doing so, I informed her that I had recently had a consultation with an ENT there, for a second opinion regarding a surgical procedure.

She asked me about my experience at the Cleveland Clinic. I informed her that I was very impressed by this healthcare organization.

As time elapsed, I felt comfortable enough to tell her about my diagnosis of subglottic stenosis. She wished me well for my future surgeries.

I exchanged contact information with both of these women. Doing so will help to reduce the sense of isolation that is associated with working as a contracted clinical psychologist in various facilities.

I felt very blessed by tonight’s meeting. During our conversation, I found out about yet another opportunity to provide psychological services; it happens to be at a nursing home, in the very same town where I had previously been living.

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