Consultation with Dr. Lorenz

Today, I had my initial consultation with Dr. Robert Lorenz, at the Cleveland Clinic. I had checked in well in advance of my 2:30 pm appointment, so it wasn’t a very long wait before I saw Dr. Lorenz.

A nurse checked my vital signs, and reviewed my list of current medications. Dr. Lorenz reviewed my CT neck scan results. He also reviewed several video clips, of my last dilatation surgery, as well as my previous in-office bronchoscopies.

Dr. Lorenz stated that most likely, my subglottic stenosis was initially caused by the limited form of Wegener’s granulomatosis. This is due to the pervasive nasal crusting that I had previously experienced, along with my subglottic stenosis. Currently, he thinks that I no longer have any evidence of having Wegener’s.

He performed a bronchoscopy. He said that my airway is currently 80% open. He agreed with my current ENT, Dr. John Ingle, that my stenosis is currently both subglottic and tracheal.

He said that there are several possible treatment options available: a crichotracheal resection, the Maddern procedure, and the Mayo protocol. He thinks that it would be better for me to initially have another standard dilatation surgery again, when necessary, prior to trying a new surgical option.

I’m not so interested in pursuing a crichotracheal resection, since there’s a risk of having my voice be permanently altered. I’d be hospitalized for a full week, too.

I’d really like to pursue the Mayo protocol, since it would remove the diseased portion of my trachea, without adversely affecting my voice. It would also be a same-day surgery.

Dr. Lorenz was very friendly, as well as extremely professional. I requested that a copy of my office visit be mailed to my home.

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