Weary of Chronic Illnesses

I’m grading my General Psychology students’ final examinations, as well as their written assignments. I need to complete grading these course requirements as soon as possible, so that I can submit my students’ final grades for this semester.

I’ve recently updated my C.V., to reflect both of the college teaching positions that I’ve had during this past year. I really wish that I had a secure teaching position, as opposed to merely pursuing whatever adjunct opportunities happen to be available.

In the midst of doing this, I’m feeling exceptionally weary. My iron-deficiency anemia really has me feeling exceptionally tired today. I feel very tired, as well as weak.

Even three full weeks after receiving my most recent throat dilatation surgery, I’m continuing to repeatedly clear my throat. Both of these issues have plagued me for a very long period of time.

Later this afternoon, I need to have an eye exam. This is necessary because my current driver’s license will expire very soon, which is on my birthday.

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