Eye Dilation and Entering Final Grades

Note to self: Whenever possible, do not schedule a dilated eye exam on the very same day that you need to submit final grades for the college course that you just finished teaching. Of course, this is exactly what I specifically did today.

My pupils remain as large as saucers this evening, almost five hours after my eye appointment. At least there were some benefits to the dreary weather today: my dilated eyes weren’t irritated by bright sunshine at all today.

Initially, I attempted to enter my student’s final grades on my laptop, but I kept experiencing difficulty with my internet connection. Therefore, I switched to entering these grades via my smartphone.

It’s certainly a huge relief to have submitted these final course grades before the deadline for doing so, which is this Friday. I really needed to take care of this important task today, since I’ll soon be leaving for my appointment at the Cleveland Clinic.

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