Annual Eye Examination

Today, I completed an annual eye exam. Since I moved this past March, it was necessary to locate a new opthlamologist.

Since I have relapsing-remitting MS, I need to have a dilated eye exam each year. Most thankfully, my results indicate that there is no damage to my optic nerve.

This is truly remarkable, given that I have had optic neuritis, multiple times, in my right eye. I’ve lost my vision completely, but only temporarily, multiple times.

I’m also thankful that I don’t currently have symptoms of conjunctivitis. I’ve previously suffered from treatment-resistant conjunctivitis. Most of the time, my symptoms of eye itching, redness, tearing, and inflammation temporarily flare in the spring.

Although I have been wearing mono vision contacts, my new eye doctor believes that I only need to wear a contact lens in my right eye. I happen to be extremely nearsighted in my right eye.

My left contact lens had been used for enhancing my close-up vision. Just think of all the money that I’ll save by only needing to order contacts for my right eye!

The eye clinic submitted today’s examination results to the DMV. This is most timely, since my current driver’s license will expire on my birthday, which is only four days away.

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