Traveling with Chronic Illness

This weekend, we’re traveling to Syracuse, NY. One of my nephews is graduating from Syracuse University, with a MBA. I’m exceptionally proud of him.

I found myself thinking about how much more challenging it is to travel when you’re dealing with multiple chronic illnesses. Of course, even though it’s just a weekend away, I needed to make sure that I had all of my medications set-up in my medi-set.

My persistent menorrhagia makes traveling much more inconvenient, too. I will be indescribably relieved when this chapter of my life is finally behind me.

Since I unfortunately experienced severe post-injection reactions, the last two times that I injected Copaxone, I decided not to bring this medication along with me. I do realize that I need to consistently inject this medication, to reduce my overall degree of disability with relapsing-remitting MS.

I made sure to bring my disability parking placard, since I’m unaware of how far I might need to walk in order to attend my nephew’s graduation ceremony on Sunday morning. I realize that I may not always need to use this, but it’s reassuring to know that I have it, just in case.

I still have examinations to grade, for my General Psychology class. However, I’ll spend this weekend simply relaxing, and enjoying seeing my family.

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