Assisted Living Facility Meeting

This morning, I had a work meeting, at a nearby assisted living facility. I received a tour of this gorgeous facility, from the nurse who manages it.

I honestly felt like I was touring a five-star motel. Each resident has a private room. There are some married couples who reside within this facility, too.

I was informed that all of the residents in this facility are ambulatory. Some of these residents may use a walker to ambulate, but they are relatively independent. This in stark contrast to the residents whom I see in another skilled nursing home.

I met with the nurse manager of this facility, as well as with another clinical psychologist from CHE Senior Psychological Services. We discussed my provision of services at this facility, one day per week.

I was informed that all of the residents were private pay. This offers distinct advantages, in that there are no concerns regarding insurance approval for psychological services rendered.

I’m excited to start working in this new facility. Nevertheless, I do have concerns about how my chronic health problems will affect my work performance.

Just next week, I’ll be traveling to the Cleveland Clinic for a second opinion regarding a tracheal re-section. Having such an aggressive surgery will require a much more extensive recovery time than the multiple throat dilatation surgeries that I’ve had during the last thirteen years.

Even not considering the impact of receiving this serious surgery, I found myself thinking about my periodic difficulties with walking. The nurse manager who provided a tour of this facility informed me that the residents need to ambulate for considerable distances. I thought of myself, decades younger than these residents, with unpredictable periods of impaired ambulation.

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