Flurry of Medical Tasks

This morning, I’m totally knee-deep in a flurry of important medical tasks to complete. It honestly feels like a full time job to manage this many chronic medical conditions.

I had to speak with a health care worker, regarding my upcoming MRI and MRA exams. There are multiple screening questions to complete prior to being able to have these tests performed.

After I complete these tests, I’ll have an appointment with a neurosurgeon, regarding the current status of my cerebral aneurysm. I haven’t seen a specialist about my aneurysm for a couple of years.

Since my driver’s license expires on my upcoming birthday, I also needed to schedule an examination with a new eye clinic. I’m going to apply for an Enhanced driver’s license this time.

This afternoon, I see my ENT surgeon for a follow-up appointment, after my recent throat dilatation surgery. I’ll be sure to ask him relevant questions, to prepare for my upcoming consultation with a Cleveland Clinic surgeon.

In the midst of attending to all of these medical tasks, I also need to finish preparing for my last General Psychology class tomorrow. I’ll be giving my students their fourth exam.

Afterward, I’ll meet with the associate dean of the campus where I teach this class, to review her critique of my teaching performance. I sincerely hope that I have the opportunity to teach this course another time.

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