System Overload

I feel very overwhelmed this morning by my multiple medical challenges. So very much is going on, all at once.

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be seeing my ENT surgeon for a follow-up. I’ll receive an in-office bronchoscopy, to see how well I’m doing after my recent throat dilatation surgery.

Next Monday, I’ll be having both MRI and MRA exams. The MRI will be used to evaluate the current status of my relapsing-remitting MS. The MRA will be used to determine the current status of my brain aneurysm. I’ll be seeing a neurosurgeon after I receive these tests, as a follow-up for my incidentally- discovered aneurysm.

Next week, I’ll be traveling to the Cleveland Clinic, for a second opinion regarding a tracheal re-section. I’ll meet with Dr. Lorenz for a consultation regarding choosing this this life-altering decision.

In the interim, I’m waiting to find out the results of my recent uterine biopsy. My new gynecologist wants to rule out uterine cancer as the etiology of my menorrhagia.

In the midst of all of these significant medical challenges, I’m in the process of finishing teaching my General Psychology class. I’ve recently revised my C.V., to apply for additional adjunct teaching opportunities. I’m hoping to obtain a position with a shorter commute.

This Friday, I’ll be traveling to an assisted living facility; I’m considering adding a second facility to my position with CHE Senior Psychological Services.

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