Meeting with Associate Dean

After next week’s last General Psychology class, I’ll be meeting with the associate dean of G.C.C.’s Dansville campus. We’ll be discussing her evaluation of my teaching performance.

This associate dean observed my class several weeks ago. During this class, I reviewed the correct answers for my students’ second examination. I also presented a lecture regarding memory, including information about encoding, storage, and retrieval.

I do hope that this associate dean favorably reviews my teaching performance. I was not required to be observed when I taught Abnormal Psychology, last semester, at a local university.

Coincidentally, my teaching was observed prior to receiving my most recent throat dilatation surgery. Therefore, I sincerely hope that my voice difficulties were not readily apparent as I was teaching.

I feel fairly confident that my students will favorably review my teaching this semester. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of teaching General Psychology, since this course covers an amazing range of topics.

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