Last General Psychology Lecture

Today, it’s the last psychology lecture for my General Psychology class. It’s really hard to believe that the semester has gone by so very quickly.

There’s a lot to do in this last class before my student’s final examination, which is next week. First, we need to go over the results of Exam III.

We also need to cover Psychological Disorders and Psychological Treatment. This is so very much material to squeeze into just one lecture! Last semester, I spent the entire semester just covering Psychological Disorders, when I taught Abnormal Psychology.

My mind is drifting to two weeks from today, when I’ll be at the Cleveland Clinic. I’ll be having an initial consultation with Dr. Lorenz, regarding a second opinion for a tracheal re-section. It’s utterly daunting to think about, truly.

I so want to put my airway issues behind me, once and for all. It’s been completely life-altering to have developed idiopathic subglottic stenosis.

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