May Begins

Today is May 1. This is going to be another exceptionally busy month.

I just finished writing the review guide for my General Psychology student’s last examination. There’s only one more lecture to deliver, tomorrow, for this entire semester. I’ll be giving the final exam in only one more week.

Of course, my chronic health challenges continue. I’m waiting to find out the results of my recent uterine biopsy. I also need to speak with my neurologist regarding my apparent allergic reaction to injecting Copaxone.

Later this month, I’ll be traveling to Cleveland. I’ll seek a second opinion regarding a tracheal re-section, at the Cleveland Clinic. I just booked my motel room for this trip. Thankfully, I’ll be staying very close to the Cleveland Clinic itself.

I’m feeling very fatigued this morning, despite having taken Amantadine. I need to complete a couple of initial psychological evaluations for new nursing home resident referrals this afternoon.

I continue to be amazed by how much faster time appears to pass, the older that I become. Later this month, I’ll celebrate my 55th birthday.

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