Disorganization and Distress

At this point, I’ve lived in my new home for just over a month. There’s still so much for me to unpack and organize.

I’m so stressed by the disorganization that still surrounds me. This evening, I attempted to grade some of my General Psychology students’ written assignments.

I’m really embarrassed to admit that I think I might possibly be missing a few of these assignments that were previously submitted. I’ll continue to look for the remainder of these assignments. Thankfully, I still have time to finish grading these assignments before the end of this semester.

Dealing with multiple chronic illnesses has definitely affected my ability to establish, as well as to maintain, an acceptable level of organization. On an extended basis, there are so many additional tasks that are required when you’re managing multiple chronic conditions. Of course, this displaces time that could alternatively be spent achieving improved organization.

There’s definitely a bidirectional relationship between disorganization and increased stress. Disorganization creates heightened levels of stress. In turn, increased stress exacerbates my symptoms.

1 thought on “Disorganization and Distress”

  1. so sorry this is frustrating your serenity. It is hard to carve out time even for baby steps of change and organizing when one feels 100%


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