Consultation with Gynecologist

This morning, I had an initial consultation with a new gynecologist. I’m seeking options to treat my persistent menorrhagia. It has induced iron-deficiency anemia.

This specialist doesn’t recommend that I have a second endometrial ablation to address my heavy bleeding. This is due to pre-existing scar tissue resulting from my initial ablation, which I received in 2002.

He performed a uterine biopsy during this visit. It was mildly uncomfortable. He wants to rule out uterine cancer as the etiology of my heavy bleeding. I should find out these test results in approximately ten days.

This gynecologist stated that there are diverse options to treat my excessive bleeding. I could receive a low dose of hormone replacement therapy, assuming that it isn’t contraindicated with my subglottic stenosis.

Alternatively, I could undergo a total hysterectomy. In addition, I could simply wait until my periods naturally cease, on their own. After all, I will turn 55 in just a few weeks.

This is really a lot to think about, without a doubt. Only one week ago, I had throat surgery. In less than three weeks, I’ll be going to the Cleveland Clinic for a second opinion regarding a tracheal re-section.

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