Flexibility in Working

I’m so deeply appreciative that I currently have flexibility in completing my various types of work demands.

As an adjunct instructor, I can grade my student’s assignments and examinations at home. If I should feel the need to rest, I simply stop and do so.

I honestly can’t imagine being able to work a rigid, inflexible forty-hour work week at this point in my life. Looking back, I’m rather stunned that I attempted to do so, for as long as I possibly could, when dealing with multiple chronic conditions.

When I hit the wall with debilitating MS fatigue, I absolutely must rest. It’s futile to even try to continue doing mentally challenging tasks when I am completely exhausted, since my cognitive abilities are temporarily compromised.

1 thought on “Flexibility in Working”

  1. good for you for having the wisdom to listen to your body. Another friend of mine is trying to manage 10 different diagnoses, and requires 10 1/2 hours of sleep to function. She is able to see 3-6 patients a week (1-2 a day) but it takes its toll. We enjoy spending time together once a week when I pack a dinner and visit at her home, since it is too tiring for her to get out.


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