Behind the Scenes

I participated in a two-day vendor event this past weekend. I happen to know several of the women who also happened to participate in this event.

Many of them were aware that I had just had another throat dilatation surgery. They asked how I was feeling. Several remarked that I looked good for having so recently undergone surgery.

I said that I was feeling fine, and I thanked them for their concern. I also asked how they were feeling, too.

What they didn’t observe was my extended periods of throat clearing that I experienced, both before and after participating in this vendor show.

What they didn’t see was my difficulty with walking, due to experiencing excessive fatigue by the end of this event’s first day.

What they didn’t notice is how I actually looked before I applied cosmetics, to attempt to yield an illusion of relatively better health than I actually possess.

What they won’t notice is my crushing fatigue today. I wanted to go back to bed, after simply taking a shower and getting dressed this morning.

Dealing with chronic illness is often misleading to outsiders. I sincerely appreciate that others express concern for how I’m feeling. However, much continues to take place behind the scenes.

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