How Are You Feeling?

Today, I’m at a local area vendor event. I’m selling the polymer clay jewelry and accessories that I design. I really enjoy being able to sell my designs at such events.

I happen to recognize several women at this event, since we’ve happened to be vendors at multiple previous events. Several saw me this morning, and asked how I was feeling.

This is always a loaded question for me to attempt to answer. I simply choose to answer that “I’m doing fine, thank you.”

I don’t want to get into all of the unpleasant details about my multiple chronic illnesses. I don’t care to try to explain what it felt like to violently clear my throat for an extended period of time this morning, prior to setting up my vendor display.

Thankfully, my outward appearance still allows me to pass as someone who looks far healthier than is truly the case. I really don’t wish to burden others with multiple details about my health challenges.

I’m very thankful that others continue to express interest in how I’m feeling. For now, it really is true that I’m doing fine.

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