Juggling Diverse Tasks

I’ve been exceptionally busy, all day long today. I’ve been juggling a very diverse range of tasks, for demands that are related to both my doctor and patient roles.

This morning, I needed to phone the hospital where I had a pelvic ultrasound last summer. I requested a CD of my test results, to take to my new gynecologist early next week. I’ll pick it up before I see this new specialist for a consultation regarding my menorrhagia.

I also logged in to my email, noticing that I now need to complete re-attestation as a licensed provider. This involved spending a considerable amount of time on the phone, as well as emailing an office assistant affiliated with CHE Senior Psychological Services. It’s critically important to take care of this credentialing issue as soon as possible.

I need to phone my neurologist’s office, to inform them about the severe reaction that I experienced, the last time that I self-injected Copaxone. In less than five minutes after giving my injection, I experienced severe facial flushing, as well as chest pain. I don’t know if it’ll be seen as a true allergic reaction, versus a reaction to injecting Copaxone.

There are also several examinations for me to correct, since my General Psychology students took another exam yesterday. I also need to grade their written assignments. Although it’s really difficult to believe, the semester will be finished on May 9.

Each and every single day, I find myself juggling multiple different tasks, as both doctor and patient. These two very different types of roles continually challenge me, in very unique ways.

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