Pushing Through Versus Pulling Back

Everyone of us needs to learn the delicate dance of pushing through, versus pulling back. For those who are living with chronic illness, this balance is critically important to achieve.

Yesterday, I had another throat dilatation surgery. For the first time in a very long time, I woke up with the ability to breathe easily. I also still had general anesthesia in my system. Plus, my throat was very sore.

Consequently, I decided to go back to bed, for several hours, after I initially woke up. When I awoke, I needed to take another dose of pain medication.

I wrote a progress note, for one of my nursing home residents. I decided to hold off on grading the remainder of my General Psychology students’ written assignments.

I definitely didn’t want to drive anywhere today, since I was taking pain medication throughout the entire day. I also was periodically vomiting blood; this has almost always happened after my prior throat surgeries.

I walked outside to get the mail. It was absolutely priceless to not feel out of breath when I returned back to the house. Being in the sunshine felt so good, too.

Later in the evening, I spent a couple of hours making some new polymer clay jewelry and accessories. It felt so good to engage in this relaxing activity. Plus, I have a vendor event coming up this weekend. Therefore, I’d like to display some new designs.

I also spent some time going through more of my belongings, from my relatively recent move. I’ll feel so much less stressed when my surroundings are finally organized.

Dealing with my multiple chronic illnesses, participating in several family-related activities, plus working two part-time jobs, have all contributed to not yet having the chance to get organized in my new home. I feel very stressed that I am not yet fully organized.

Today was definitely a mix of pushing through versus pulling back. It’s very important to continue to aim for achieving this critical balance, each and every day.

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