Post-Surgical Status

Thankfully, my ENT informed us that my surgery went well today. In fact, he said that it actually went better than was originally expected.

I just got home after my throat dilatation surgery. It was an 80-mile ride from the hospital to my new home.

I experienced severe nausea, the entire ride home. We pulled over a couple of times, since I came very close to vomiting. Purchasing a vanilla milkshake helped each my nausea. I’ve vomited streaks of blood.

I’m now experiencing increased throat pain. The pain medication that I received at the hospital has obviously worn off. Overall, my post-surgical pain was relatively less severe.

I’m also feeling lightheaded and dizzy. This could be due to several different factors, including the impact of receiving general anesthesia, or my MS symptoms being temporarily intensified.

However, I still needed to take a couple of oxycodone HCL (5 mg.). I also started a Medrol disease pack, as well as Azithromyocin, to help prevent an infection.

Thankfully, the hospital where I received surgery has a pharmacy on-site. This makes it much more convenient to pick up any newly-prescribed medications.

I happened to mention to my surgeon that I have an upcoming appointment with the Cleveland Clinic, on May 16. My surgeon was pleased that I have made this appointment.

Nevertheless, he informed me that the surgeon in Cleveland will most likely want to repeat another throat dilatation surgery himself, prior to pursuing a much more aggressive surgical procedure, such as a tracheal re-section.

This was very difficult news to receive, since I am beyond weary of dealing with how my idiopathic subglottic stenosis has truly turned my life upside down and inside out.

1 thought on “Post-Surgical Status”

  1. praying that you mend well and quickly with no complications. Expecting the best from your consult w/ Cleveland Clinic.


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