Loneliness and Social Support

Living with chronic illness can feel like a tremendously isolating experience. Others who don’t live with your daily challenges may truly try to understand what you’re facing, but it’s not entirely possible for them to do so.

Finding a network of social support is critically important when you face the long-term challenges of chronic illness. Sometimes, this support may be provided by your family members. Other times, this support may come from close friends.

In addition, sometimes tremendous displays of support are derived from individuals whom you’ve never even met in person. Connecting with others who share your same diagnosis, such as through Facebook support groups, is a highly treasured source of support.

Others who are living with chronic illness may also offer much-needed support, even if they don’t happen to have the exact same condition. There are many common denominators when we attempt to adjust to diverse forms of chronic illness.

Please don’t think that you can possibly meet the myriad demands of chronic illness without reception of adequate social support. Ultimately, we all need one another.

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