Chronic Illness and Holidays

This is Easter weekend. As is the case for every major holiday, there is so very much to do.

Those who are living with chronic illness need to be especially careful to pace their activities during holidays. It’s a challenge to juggle day-to-day activities when you’re managing persistent medical conditions.

It’s even more challenging to deal with the extra activities that accompany major holidays. Therefore, it’s very important to be realistic about your ability to meet all of the additional demands of any given holiday.

Sometimes, the best strategy is to pick which types of activities are most important in which to participate. It’s simply not realistic to think that you can take on every possible extra type of possible holiday activity.

By choosing to limit your focus, you can achieve a much-needed balance between active participation in a holiday and effective management of your chronic conditions. As the old adage says, sometimes, less is more.

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