Pain in My Back

I’m having so much pain in my lower back right now. It’s literally stopped me in my tracks.

This morning, I’ve prepared a review guide, for my General Psychology class’s third examination. I also need to complete a couple of initial psychological evaluations for residents of the nursing home where I provide services.

Actually, I’ve had three recent chiropractic adjustments. Usually, receiving this type of treatment provides substantial relief from my pain.

If my back pain should continue, I’ll need to phone my primary care physician, to inquire about the possibility of completing some imaging tests.

At the end of the month, I have a consultation with a new gynecologist. My primary care physician wants to rule out uterine cancer as the etiology of my menorrhagia. I know that low back pain can be a symptom of this type of cancer. I really hope that’s not the reason for my persistent back pain.

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