Never-Ending Healthcare Tasks

This morning, I received a call from my new gynecologist’s office. I needed to cancel my initial appointment with him, since I’ll be having my next throat dilatation surgery on that same day. I rescheduled my first appointment for one week after surgery.

My new gynecologist’s secretary informed me that they have already received office notes from my primary care physician’s office. However, they have not received the pelvic ultrasound imaging that I completed last summer.

Consequently, I phoned my primary care physician’s office about receiving a copy of my pelvic ultrasound imaging. They stated that I’ll need to phone the hospital where I completed this test.

I’ll need to phone the local hospital where I completed a pelvic ultrasound, and request to pick up a copy of my imaging results, to take to my initial appointment with my new gynecologist.

In the meantime, I’m very busy with writing the second examination for my General Psychology students. The topics for this exam are psychological disorders and psychological treatment.

Since I’ve previously taught Abnormal Psychology, this should be a relatively easy exam to write. As before, I’ll write fifty multiple-choice questions, and seven short-answer questions.

Yes, there are so very many, never-ending healthcare tasks to attend to when you’re living with multiple chronic illnesses.

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