Pre-Operative Instructions

I’ll be having my next throat dilatation surgery on April 23. I just received a call, from the hospital where I’ll be receiving my surgery.

A nurse from this hospital needed to go over my pre-operative instructions for next week’s surgery. Given that this will be my nineteenth throat surgery, I am certainly already painfully familiar with these pre-operative instructions.

Nevertheless, I do realize that it’s very important to review all of my relevant medical and surgical history. There is the distinct possibility that this important information may have changed since my last procedure.

Some of my medications have actually changed since my last surgery. In addition, I will no longer be allowed to have coffee the morning of my surgery!

My most recent surgery was actually less than six months ago. I found myself thinking about the time that I received another identical phone call, from the surgery center’s nurse where I was having my third dilatation surgery.

At that time, I remember that I felt so weary about needing yet another throat dilatation. I had absolutely no idea of what the future would actually hold.

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