Today, I Want to See a Therapist

It’s been such a hectic week, and it’s still not even over. Today, I need to see several residents at the nursing home where I provide psychological services each week.

I am truly deeply tired. This morning, I finished writing my monthly column for Rochester Woman Online. It was entitled “Women as Entrepreneurs.”

I also finished writing the third examination for my General Psychology students. As before, the exam consisted of fifty multiple-choice questions, as well as seven short-answer questions.

I really need to have my iron level rechecked very soon, especially after experiencing such a heavy menstrual period recently. I’m still waiting to hear back from my ENT surgeon’s scheduler, regarding a date for my next dilatation surgery.

Once I receive confirmation of a tentative surgery date of April 23, I’ll need to cancel my recently scheduled initial consultation with a new gynecologist.

I am so very weary. Juggling the management of multiple chronic illnesses is utterly exhausting. Trying to keep up with working two part-time jobs also contributes to my persistent fatigue.

However, I prefer to be working, as opposed to having even more time to focus upon my chronic health problems. Needing to keep a regular routine, due to working, has many advantages, too.

I’m truly overwhelmed by the thought of undergoing a tracheal re-section. Nevertheless, the prospect of needing to undergo throat dilatation surgeries approximately every six months is also daunting.

I need to have a biopsy, to rule out uterine cancer as the etiology of my heavy menstrual periods. That’s weighing heavily on my mind.

Assuming that I don’t have uterine cancer, I’m still faced with a difficult choice: do I undergo a second endometrial ablation, or do I just wait until my periods eventually stop? Perimenopause can’t possibly last forever, right?

All of these concerns, plus many others, have me wanting to be the client today, rather than a therapist. I’ve received psychotherapy at several points during my life. I’m thinking about doing so again, with a fellow clinical health psychologist.

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