Re-Initiating Copaxone

Today, I re-initiated taking Copaxone. This is a daily injection, for the prevention of relapses in relapsing-remitting MS. Consequently, it reduces the overall degree of disability for individuals with this chronic neurological disorder.

Previously, I was unable to afford to continue to take Copaxone, due to exorbitant co-payments. I had fallen into the infamous “donut hole” of Medicare coverage.

Consequently, my co-payment would have been more than $2,200 for a one-month supply of Copaxone. This is with having a supplement plan for prescription coverage, as well as Medicare itself.

Thankfully, both a social worker and pharmacist, affiliated with my neurologist, recently secured a voucher for me. This has allowed me to be able to re-initiate injecting this medication each day.

I have definitely noticed increased MS symptom severity during the period of time that I was unable to continue to afford taking Copaxone. Most recently, I’ve been experiencing increased ataxia, bladder and bowel incontinence, blurred vision, and increased paresthesias in my lower extremities.

Yesterday, I was happy to receive another phone call from this same social worker. She stated that she had been successful in securing a $5,500 grant, for continued coverage of my Copaxone.

I’m incredibly relieved to have started taking Copaxone again. I first started injecting this medication in 1998. I am certain that it has reduced my degree of disability, after so many years of living with relapsing-remitting MS.

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