Multiple Chargers

This morning, I’m thinking about all of the different items that I regularly use that need to be charged, on a regular basis. My cellphone, tablet, and notebook computer all require periodic charging for optimal use.

Of course, our bodies need to be regularly recharged, too. When you’re living with chronic illness, this entire process occurs much less efficiently than it does for those who are generally healthy.

Bodies affected with chronic illness require longer periods of time to regenerate, and they simultaneously “lose their charge” more quickly. As a result, the overwhelming majority of individuals who are living with chronic illness experience significant fatigue.

This symptom doesn’t occur occasionally; it’s a baseline symptom of most chronic illnesses. During periods of insufficient rest, and/or experiencing excessive stress, this baseline level of fatigue is exacerbated.

Although individuals with chronic illness have lost the ability to recharge their bodies efficiently, this is often a relatively undetectable symptom. As a result, others may frequently overestimate the capacity of individuals with chronic illness to perform everyday tasks and responsibilities.

1 thought on “Multiple Chargers”

  1. thank you for this reminder – a friend of mine is experiencing this frustrating fact of her life, and your observation helps me understand it better.


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