Class Observed

Today, the Associate Dean of the campus where I teach General Psychology observed my class. I freely admit that I was somewhat nervous about having her do so. Although I have taught several college courses, it’s rather intimidating to be formally evaluated by a direct supervisor.

I spent the first portion of this class reviewing the student’s second examination. I inquired if they had any questions and/or comments, either about the multiple-choice questions or the short-answer questions.

I stood behind a podium for this portion of my class. I was very pleasantly surprised that I was able to do so, to be perfectly honest. Driving to class today, I found myself feeling very lightheaded. I’ve also been continuing to experience low back pain.

After I reviewed last week’s exam, I sat down (as I typically do each week) to review chapter seven of this class’s textbook. The topic was devoted to the encoding, storage, and retrieval of information. The lecture covered multiple factors that are involved in memory processes.

Again, I periodically made sure to ask my students if they had any questions and/or comments about the material presented. I also asked them to provide several examples related to the topic we discussed.

As I do each week, I gave several relevant examples of incidents that were related to the topic being discussed. This included both clinically relevant examples, as well as personal experiences.

I hope that it was a good sign that the Associate Dean left the classroom where I was lecturing before my class was actually finished. After class was over, I asked the department’s secretary if I could please speak with the Associate Dean. The secretary said that she had just left for a two-week vacation. So, I will just have to wait to find out the results of my evaluation.

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