Today’s Annual Physical

This afternoon, I had a very lengthy appointment with my primary care physician. I’m very thankful that I have a highly competent primary care physician; he’s consistently thorough during my visits.

He reviewed all of my current prescriptions, and agreed to authorizing refills for those that need refills. He asked about how my sleep medication, Trazadone, has been working for me. I told him that it continues to be effective for my sleep-termination insomnia.

We discussed that I will be having yet another throat dilatation surgery, as soon as possible. I also informed him about having scheduled an appointment with the Cleveland Clinic, regarding a second opinion about a tracheal re-section.

I completed bloodwork during this visit, too. I’m thankful to be able to complete bloodwork at this practice, as opposed to having to go another facility.

I discussed my exceptionally heavy periods. He has referred me to an Ob/Gyn for a comprehensive evaluation. He said that it’s critically important to rule out uterine cancer as the underlying cause of my menorrhagia.

I joked with my primary care physician, that he certainly earns his money with such a complex medical patient that I am. He asked about the severity of my depressive symptoms. I told him that I’ve been feeling more depressed, given the current status of my subglottic stenosis.

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