Medical Record Shuffle

Today, I’ve been making multiple phone calls, about diverse chronic conditions that I have. I’m needing to have my medical records sent from one provider to another.

Since my primary care physician has recently referred me to a gynecologist, I needed to phone my primary care physician’s office, to request that office visit notes, as well as results of imagining tests, be sent to my new gynecologist. I also scheduled an initial consultation with this gynecologist.

I also phoned my ENT’s office, to request that my medical record be sent to Dr. Robert Lorenz, at the Cleveland Clinic. I asked that they include office visit notes, surgical procedure notes, and interpretation of imaging tests. I’ve been seeing my current ENT surgeon for nearly five years.

Prior to that, I had an ENT in Peoria, IL, for a two-year period. Before that, I saw Dr. Richard Bastian, at the Bastian Voice Institute, for a period of six years. Initially, I was treated for asthma, for a period of four years.

I hope that this arduous, seventeen-year journey soon comes to a successful resolution. I am way behind weary with struggling to simply breathe.

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