Managing Multiple Chronic Illnesses is a Full-Time Job

Managing multiple chronic illnesses is certainly a full-time job. There are so many tasks to attend to, on a regular basis.

Today, I set-up my weekly medications in a pill organizer. This is time-consuming, since I take thirteen medications per day.

I phoned my ENT’s surgical scheduler, since my symptoms related to subglottic stenosis have recently worsened. She and I have been playing phone tag, all day long.

I also reviewed the results of my recent CT neck scan online. Unfortunately, the imaging results indicate that my stenosis has worsened, since my last scan, in 2015.

My CT neck scan also showed that I have virtually no thyroid tissue at all at this point, having had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis for twenty-four years. Hashimoto’s is characterized by lymphocytic infiltration of thyroid tissue.

I also phoned Silver Script, my prescription coverage plan, for Medicare Part D. I needed to pay my monthly premium.

In addition, I checked the balance on my MyChart account. I made a payment toward my outstanding balance, which is very significant at this point.

I’ve had multiple medical appointments, imaging procedures, and surgeries. My Medicare health insurance only covers a certain percentage of all of these.

I feel exhausted after doing all of these tasks. Nevertheless, I have an annual physical with my primary care physician this afternoon. I’ll need to request refills for multiple prescriptions, as well as complete labwork.

I still need to correct the short-answer portion of my General Psychology students’ second examination, before this Thursday. I also need to go over my lecture material, especially since I’ll be observed by the Associate Dean of the campus.

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