Thankful for Unlimited Calling Plan

Today, I’m very thankful for an unlimited calling plan! I’ve spent several hours today, simply making phone calls regarding various aspects of my healthcare.

I phoned the Cleveland Clinic, and scheduled an initial appointment with Dr. Robert Lorenz. This will be on May 16. I’m really looking forward to receiving a second opinion regarding a tracheal re-section.

Prior to this appointment with Dr. Lorenz, I’ll need to request a copy of my entire medical record from my current ENT. I’ll need to take this information to my appointment with Dr. Lorenz.

Since I don’t think that I can hold out until early May for my next throat dilatation, I phoned my current ENT’s surgical scheduler for my next throat surgery. I’m still waiting to hear back from her.

I phoned my neurologist’s social worker, as well as her pharmacist, regarding available funding options to re-initiate injecting Copaxone each day. I’m very relieved to have found out that I have been approved to receive a voucher for my $2,200 monthly co-payment of Copaxone. My monthly supply of this medication will be delivered later this week. I’m especially happy that they’ve approved for me to take Copaxone, the brand name of this medication, as opposed to Glatopa, the generic version.

Finally, I received a phone call from my primary care physician. They wanted to confirm that I’ll be keeping my appointment tomorrow, for my annual physical.

I’m feeling so very wiped out after a full day of simply making phone calls, believe it or not. Nevertheless, I still need to correct my General Psychology students’ second examinations.

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