Busy Week Ahead

I have a very busy week ahead of me. Today, I need to phone my ENT surgeon; I don’t believe that I will be able to wait until I finish teaching my General Psychology class to have my next throat dilatation surgery. My shortness of breath is steadily worsening, as is my aggressive throat clearing.

I’m also dropping off the necessary documents to have my taxes done; I did already decide to file for an extension, since I was so busy with having recently moved.

I also need to phone the Cleveland Clinic, regarding scheduling a consultation regarding a tracheal re-section. I’m in dire need of obtaining long-term relief for my rare airway disorder.

On Tuesday, I have my annual physical with my primary care physician. I’ll need to be sure to have important bloodwork ordered, as well as to receive refills of many of my daily medications. In the morning, I’m going to set up a new checking account. My current bank doesn’t have a nearby location to where I have recently moved.

On Wednesday, I’ll be having a third chiropractic adjustment. I’ve been alternating between applying heat and ice to my lower back, but I’m continuing to experience a moderate degree of discomfort. After this appointment, I’ll get a haircut.

On Thursday, I will be observed by an Associate Dean, while teaching my General Psychology class. As a result, I need to grade my students’ second examination. I’ll be going over this examination during the first hour of this week’s class. During the second hour, I’ll be delivering a lecture about memory.

On Friday, I’ll be completing two initial psychological evaluations for residents of the nursing home where I provide services. I’ll also be seeing my regular caseload of residents.

On Saturday, I’ll be having a work meeting, for my position with CHE Senior Psychological Services. We’ll have a luncheon, as well as the opportunity to converse with fellow psychologists who are providing services in nursing home facilities.

Getting together with other psychologists will help to reduce the degree of isolation associated with being a contracted psychologist who provides services in a nursing home. Given my recent move, I’m also going to request that I start providing services in a nursing home that is closer to where I now live.

This week, I also need to phone Balboa Press, regarding transforming my WordPress blog into a book. I do believe that I’m very close to having amassed an adequate amount of information at this point. I’ve written 533 entries since I began my blog, on August 19, 2018.

Also this week, I need to phone my neurologist’s social worker, regarding available forms of funding coverage for Copaxone. I really must start this daily self-injection for my relapsing-remitting MS as soon as possible.

In addition, I need to finish my monthly column for Rochester Woman Online. This month, I’ll be writing about women as entrepreneurs.

On top of all of the above, I need to continue unpacking and organizing everything from my recent move. I feel very stressed with the current degree of disorganization where I now live. Stress always exacerbates my MS symptoms.

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