What Happened to My Body?

I just finished a quick shopping trip at a Walmart supercenter. It’s very sobering to think about my recent purchases.

Although I previously was thin, now I need to shop in the plus size section of any given department store. I try to look polished and put together, despite being overweight.

My default is choosing black and white clothing, since you can create several different looks with a few key pieces. I like to accessorize my outfits with the polymer clay jewelry that I have designed.

For the first time ever, I purchased pads for bladder incontinence. This was really difficult to do. It’s an outward acknowledgment that I am suffering from stress incontinence, as well as MS-induced bladder incontinence.

I need to gently remind myself that utilization of such a pad will actually lessen the consequences of my stress incontinence. For example, I’ll no longer be self-conscious about the odor associated with bladder incontinence.

Over the years, I’ve trained myself to find the positive aspect of any given situation. Sometimes, this is most difficult to do. Today was definitely one of those days.

Now, I’m off to see several residents in the nursing home where I provide psychological services. I welcome this opportunity to use my degree, and to encourage others who are also struggling with chronic illnesses.

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