Try to Rise and Shine

This morning, I felt especially tired when I woke up. This is due to having myriad of health problems, some chronic, and some recurrent.

I strongly suspect that I have developed conjunctivitis in my red eye. I’ve struggled with recurrent episodes of conjunctivitis. I have symptoms of pain behind my eye, as well as burning, itching, tearing, and extreme sensitivity to light. I purchased Zaditor eye drops last night, which has provided some relief.

In addition, I’m continuing to experience pain in my lower left back. Thankfully, it’s not as severe, after receiving a chiropractic adjustment two days ago. I’ve been alternating between applying heat and ice to my lower back. I received another adjustment this morning. My chiropractor left it up to me, about the possibility of scheduling yet another appointment for an adjustment, early next week.

After having experienced an especially heavy menstrual period this month, I strongly suspect that my iron-deficiency anemia has worsened. I’ll be sure to have my primary care physician check my iron level next week, when I have my annual physical next week. I make sure that I take my daily dose of ferrous sulfate each morning.

Based upon my extensive personal history, I believe that my subglottic stenosis is currently at a 60% level of occlusion. The simple act of taking a shower and getting dressed leaves me gasping for air. Thankfully, I have already received a reply regarding my interest in scheduling an appointment with the Cleveland Clinic, to obtain a second opinion about undergoing a tracheal re-section.

This morning, I feel incredibly weary of dealing with multiple chronic illnesses. Yes, I do know that my situation could be much worse. Nonetheless, I am weary.

I need to spend a few hours this afternoon at the nursing home where I provide psychological services. Despite how poorly I currently feel, I deeply value the distraction of focusing on my resident’s concerns.

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