Multifactorial Fatigue

This morning, I feel overwhelmingly fatigued. There are several different reasons contributing to my fatigue.

I’ve recently experienced the stress of moving. I don’t yet have everything organized and put away; consequently, I’m stressed by looking for things that I need to use on a regular basis. Increased stress always intensifies the severity of my MS fatigue.

In addition, my subglottic stenosis is continuing to worsen. This always results in feeling much more fatigued. I’m trying to wait until early May to have my next throat dilatation surgery. At that point, I will have finished teaching my General Psychology class. I’m not confident that I’ll be able to do so, however.

Quite honestly, I feel very depressed about the necessity of undergoing a tracheal re-section. I know that it is a much more extensive surgery, compared to the repeated throat dilatation surgeries that I’ve had to date.

I’m sure that my iron-deficiency anemia has worsened, too. I’ve just completed having an especially heavy period. I’ll be sure to have my primary care physician check my iron level, when I have my annual physical next week.

As if all that weren’t enough, I’m also experiencing multiple symptoms of my spring allergies. My eyes feel inflamed and irritated this morning. My nose is running, too.

Although I feel utterly exhausted this morning, I need to get ready for my General Psychology class. I’m very relieved that I don’t need to lecture today. Instead, I will be giving my students their second examination. Next week, the associate dean of the campus where I teach will be observing my class.

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