Importance of Pampering

Everyone deserves to be pampered. We all live hectic, stressful lives.

I think that it’s especially important to pamper yourself when you’re living with chronic illness. After all, you can very easily feel that your very own body has betrayed you.

Pampering yourself helps to restore a sense of balance when this occurs. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive to indulge in various forms of pampering yourself.

For example, I regularly have my nails done. This is an expenditure of both time and money. Nevertheless, I consider it time very well spent. This form of pampering increases my overall degree of self-confidence, especially when I’m speaking before a classroom full of students.

I also schedule regular haircuts with my stylist. Purchasing some higher-end cosmetics also helps me to feel better about myself.

Taking a long, relaxing shower is yet another way to pamper myself. It helps me to feel better before I start my day.

I previously have struggled with feeling selfish for indulging in these forms of pampering. Now, I realize that these forms of self-care are absolutely critical.

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