Invisible Symptoms While Shopping

I just finished a trip to a Walmart Supercenter. There were a few things that I really needed to pick up.

Given that I have multiple chronic illnesses, I’m always sensitized to seeing other shoppers who appear to also have health challenges.

My subglottic stenosis is rapidly worsening. I had to walk much farther than I can comfortably do at this point.

Consequently, I started to feel extremely lightheaded. I was very concerned about the possibility of actually passing out.

My MS symptoms started to flare, too. I was experiencing increased spasticity and paresthesias in my lower extremities.

As I unloaded my items at the checkout, I quickly glanced behind me. There was an elderly woman, in a motorized chair. She was wearing oxygen.

I couldn’t help but think about the obvious differences in our external appearances. Whereas she has external signs that are indicative of having serious health issues, I do not. Just another reminder that what you see isn’t always what you get.

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