Cost of Copaxone

Unfortunately, I’ve not taken Copaxone for a few months. I’m really starting to notice the impact of failing to inject this medication on a daily basis.

My gait has recently become very impaired. I’m suffering from increased episodes of ataxia, as well as increased weakness in my lower extremities.

Due to falling into the infamous donut hole of Medicare coverage, I’ve not been able to afford to continue paying for this medication. Therefore, I’m going to phone a social worker affiliated with my neurologist, to obtain additional information about forms of financial assistance that are available for individuals with MS.

My current copayment for a one month supply of Copaxone is $2,076. This is outrageous. I desperately need to remain on this medication, which I first started to inject in 1998.

Copaxone is very effective for reducing the number of MS exacerbations. As a result, it powerfully reduces the degree of disability associated with MS relapses.

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