Makeup As Illusion

Women who are living with chronic illness have a potent weapon in their arsenals. Cosmetics are a powerful tool for enhancing one’s external appearance.

Of course, wearing makeup involves a considerable expenditure of both time and money. I consider doing so to be entirely reasonable, given that makeup significantly enhances my self-esteem.

I find that using cosmetics is useful for a couple of important reasons. First, makeup helps to directly camouflage the impact of some of my persistent symptoms of chronic illness. Second, wearing makeup also allows me to indulge my artistic interests.

I’m sure that others could much more easily comprehend my health problems, if I were to decide to not apply makeup. Using cosmetics creates an illusion of being in relatively better health.

In this way, it deepens the disconnect between my outward appearance and my inner reality of having multiple chronic illnesses with which to deal. I’ve truly lost count of how many times I’ve been told that I look so good, despite feeling miserable on the inside.

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