Take A Seat

When I first started teaching my General Psychology class, I would stand as I delivered my lectures. Due to the impact of multiple different types of symptoms, I found this increasingly difficult to do.

Consequently, I decided to sit while lecturing. Fortunately, I have a small number of students in this class.

In a couple of weeks, the Associate Dean of this community college’s dean will be observing my class. I hope that she doesn’t think that it is less professional for me to be sitting as I lecture.

I have not disclosed any of my chronic medical conditions to this woman, but she does know that I needed to cancel one class. When I phoned the campus secretary to cancel my class, I did inform her that I was not feeling well, after receiving a medical procedure.

The day before this cancellation, I had received an in-office bronchoscopy. Due to the anesthesia that I had received, I vomited repeatedly after this procedure.

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