March, Moving, Medication, & Madness

This week, I moved. Relocation is always very stressful. I still have so very much to unpack and to organize!

In the process of moving, I’ve managed to lose one of my prescription medications, Levothyroxine. I take this medication every single day. Since I have had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis for twenty-three years, my own thyroid gland is nearly completely destroyed. Consequently, I take a very high dose of thyroid replacement medication. Being without my Levothyroxine for a few days has really left me feeling so very wiped out.

Having another very heavy menstrual period is also making me feel so very tired. Thankfully, I didn’t misplace my ferrous sulfate prescription during my recent move. I will feel unspeakably relieved when I finally stop having my period. I’ve been going through this monthly cycle for forty-two years. Enough is enough.

The sheer stress associated with moving has also triggered increased MS fatigue. Thankfully, having been prescribed Amantadine is proving effective for alleviating my crushing fatigue.

One week ago, I found out that my subglottic stenosis is currently 40% occluding my airway. For the first time, my ENT surgeon is now urging me to undergo a tracheal re-section surgery.

No wonder that I feel like I have been totally over by a Mack truck. The combination of everything that is happening is sheer madness.

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